How do you


Read a question to the other team.

They talk about it and offer an answer.

Was the answer right?

Don't worry about wrong answers, each question has a GREAT BIG HINT (though teams move ahead faster if they don't use the hint).

Take a "cellar step" to get a wine!

Correct answers help you win virtual bottles for your team's wine cellar. Watch out for cellar looters!

Wine Bottle Cards

This is what you're playing for, 30 cards that represent real-life wines. They have labels on the front, with descriptions and food pairings on the back. First team to collect one card in each of six different categories has a well-rounded wine cellar and wins the game!

Wine Bottle Cards

Will you look silly?

No, never! Wine Teasers is not like other trivia games where know-it-all experts blow everyone else out of the water.

The GREAT BIG HINTS and an element of chance make it quickly obvious that Wine Teasers is a feel-good game, not a "divide and conquer" game.


How many players?

Wine Teasers plays really well with two to twelve players. After that, it's best to use some of the large-group rules, which you can find in our Frequently Asked Questions list.

Wine Teasers is a great learning and reference tool, too. Only one player needed for that!


Don't know wine?

No problem! Even complete beginners can enjoy Wine Teasers, which is really a learning game.

Even the hard questions (known to have stumped an expert or two) have that wonderful, forgiving hint, which allows people who know nothing about wine to play and maybe even win!

Four of us played it last weekend and it was a blast. It's a bargain.
Buy it! -- "Dr. Hypnosis," Toronto, Canada.(Unsolicited player comment at